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Red Rabbits AS
We're looking for two proud and passionate PHP ninjas with a keen understanding of UX, to join our team full time. You should have extensive knowledge and experience with either Magento or Symfony2. The latter is used in eZ Publish 5.x, our CMS of choice. Specific eZ experience would be even better, but is not required.

PHP Developers for Norwegian interactive agency Red Rabbits

Miejsce pracy: małopolskie/Kraków/Tarnów
Kategoria: Informatyka/Programowanie, Internet/E-Commerce
Ilość wakatów: 2
Zarobki od: 5 000,00 zł do: 8 000,00 zł
Tryb pracy: W siedzibie firmy

Job Description:
You will have the vital role of taking proudly crafted websites from static frontend and make them work and behave perfectly, while considering and implementing great UX. Red Rabbits is mainly focused on creating websites and webshops, but we also have a really cool online web service as a side project. Client work will range from setting up a CMS for corporate websites, to creating high end Magento webshops and integrations for some of the great brands that we work with.

Your responsibilities will include:

Proudly producing efficient, secure and easy to maintain code that follows best practices, while considering and implementing great UX.
Implementing frontend code into a CMS (eZ Publish, Wordpress) and eCommerce (Magento, WooCommerce) platforms. The better knowledge you have of frontend code and JavaScript/jQuery the better, with regards to understanding, implementing and even writing it yourself.
Developing custom PHP web applications and plugins.
Advising and deciding on technical solutions (frameworks, database architecture, etc) for new applications.
Setting up MySQL databases and preferably also Unix server environments.
Working with the interactive and design team to define project specifications.
Assessing projects to determine time budgets and deadlines, as well as pushing to deliver high end results within the planned timelines.
Communicating directly with clients via Skype, typically if they have their own dev team or need CMS/eCommerce related support.
Contributing to our culture of knowledge sharing, self improvement and work efficiency, combined with a curious and optimistic attitude towards exploring challenges.
Staying up to date on what's moving in the tech world, to be able to introduce the team to new possibilities (like frameworks etc).

Team / Location
We are mainly looking for developers in the Małopolska area, but do not hesitate to contact us if you live in other areas.
More about Team / Location: See the extended job description on our website . About you:
Key qualifications:

Extensive PHP knowledge and experience, including OOP and design patterns.
Extensive experience with either Magento (including developing and optimizing large shops) or Symfony2 (used in our CMS choice: eZ Publish 5.x).
A keen understanding of UX ­ specifically information architecture, interaction design and usability.
Experience with HTML5, CSS3 (SASS) and JavaScript.Experience with building custom web applications.
Experience with scaling an application and/or its hosting environment to support increases in traffic.
Clear and confident communication and collaboration in english (written and spoken).
Confident in a semi architectural role, advising and deciding on technical solutions (frameworks, database architecture, etc) for new applications.


See the extended job description on our website .

Personality and attitude
Red Rabbits is all about the people, so we will give you a few clues as to who would be a smooth fit into our team.

Outgoing and social.
Positive and optimistic.
Team oriented ­ play well with others and give your all to contribute and improve your team.
Very well structured.
Pride in crafting your code to be as good and pure as it can be. ? Curious to explore and figure out new things.
A constant drive to learn, explore, improve and acquire new skills.
Interested in improving and perfecting your work, skills, methods, structure, +++. Highly motivated by the work itself, rather than the money.
Why Red Rabbits?
Red Rabbits is a multidisciplinary design and web development agency. We build visual identities and web environments surrounding products and services, to make them stand out. Our clients include both startups who need a solid foundation, and established brands who need a reliable design and web development partner. We put pride into every design element and every line of code that we create.

Read more about Red Rabbits on the About section of our website and check out some references in the Work section.

You will be part of an awesome international team and culture that creates high end solutions with pride. We are a tight team that intentionally avoids the traditional organizational hierarchy. We're looking for "teammates" rather than "employees", to include in a team where every member's opinion is important and valued. We include our developers early in projects to provide an understanding of how we think and work with concepts like brand strategy, visual identity, information architecture, interaction design and visual design. You will not simply be on a production line, but will gain an understanding of the entire process surrounding what you do. We travel to the Poland office and bring our employees to Norway on a regular basis. This is not required of the projects, rather we do it to build a social and positive agency culture. For more about Office, Health, Vacations and Compensation: See the extended job description on our website .

How to apply (the hiring process)

Step 1: Get in touch

You can send the following to newdev2013@redrabbits.com, preferably as a Google Doc or PDF:
Cover letter
Resumé ­ Keep it simple. The resumé is mostly for a quick overview of what time you have spent at other companies etc. Consider it the least important part of the application.Photo of you in either the cover letter or resumé.
Portfolio and code samples. Consider this the most important part of the application ­ your work.
References (previous employers and/or teammates who we can contact)

See the extended job description on our website

Please follow the steps provided in the 'How to apply' section of this job offer.

Lokalizacja: Kraków, Tarnów
Branża: Informatyka, Programowanie
Termin ważności: 2014-01-17